Bill Clinton Death Watch
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China Joe B.
2021-10-15 11:20:28 UTC
BREAKING: Bill Clinton Hospitalized with an Infection
2021-10-15 13:28:58 UTC
Post by China Joe B.
BREAKING: Bill Clinton Hospitalized with an Infection
The "VACCINATED" Bill Clinton who rides on the "Pedophile Airline" with
no mask and keeps company with the scum of the planet?

The possible diseases he has are endless, like his wife Hillary's
possible mental illness medications are endless... but one of them
created tardive dyskinesia in her.

The corruption and Sex and drugs are finally showing the signs of the
toll they have taken.

Hunter Biden has that to look forward to, he'll be as healthy as his
father real soon... looks like they all have one foot in the grave.
That's karma,

Your attempt at mandated assimilation is futile, a successful resistance
is inevitable.

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